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Dynamic Transformational Coaching


Coaching will help you establish whats holding you back, what you perceive to be your challenges and how to get to where you want to be and even what "where" looks like. 

When asked the right questions, coaching enables you to identify your own conflicts and their source. You may be surprised at your own conclusions, and maybe discover that your ”blocks”ť are about something completely different to what you first imagined. 
During our sessions, with an open mind, you will have realisations that will enable you to see things more clearly, helping you to make decisions and take action with more confidence. 

"I’m fully qualified in coaching, Neuro-Linguistic programming (NLP), TimeLine Techniques and hypnotherapy, as well as Reiki. It gives me great pleasure to empower an individual, to identify what’s holding him or her back and to find ways to establish a set of beliefs to let them forge ahead with whatever it is that they want to do, change or achieve."
- Charmaine xoxo


A great life coach will have an armory of techniques to deal with different presenting problems.